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Get file size c#

Get file size c#

Name: Get file size c#

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Download will return the length of file, in bytes (not size on disk), so this is what you are looking for, I think. This C# example uses the Length property on the FileInfo type. Length gets file sizes as long values. 14 Jul The Length property of the FileInfo class returns the size of a file in bytes. The following code snippet returns the size of a file. // Get file size.

Gets the size, in bytes, of the current file. Namespace: DirectoryInfo di = new DirectoryInfo("c:\\"); // Get a reference to each file in that directory. FileInfo[] fiArr. The property will give you the file size in bytes. Divide by 1,, ( x ) to get the size in megabytes. Ian. 15 Nov In order to calculate a file's size in C#, you can use the FileInfo object IO; namespace GetFilesize { public partial class Form1: Form { public.

28 Jan string directoy = @"C:\Folder1\Folder2"; //without @ symbol, backslashes need to be doubled up c:\\something\\something\\ string filename. GetFileSystemInfos method, it returns all directories and files in one call. The downside is that you get a base type back, so some type. 29 Jul Get the size of files having long path in C#.NET ; Author: Komal Mangal; Updated: 29 Jul ; Section: Files and Folders; Chapter: Desktop. Try this FileInfo fInfo = new FileInfo(@"c:\"); long size =; -- Shak (Houston) "Jason Chan" wrote in message. Get File-Size. Any file has a file size. C# is very good at reading files for the byte count. In order to get file size that is readable (2 kb, 3 mb, etc.) you need to use a .


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